Hypnosis for Kids and Teens

Children and teens make great candidates for hypnosis.

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy, is a safe, drug free, all natural tool to help kids over the bumps in life and improve or change the things about themselves they struggle with. Kids and teens love the idea of quick change with little effort (who doesn’t) and with hypnosis, change is fast and easy because it goes right to the root of the problem stored in the subconscious mind. Throughout Orange County, kids and teens are using the benefits of hypnosis to experience breakthroughs in: test anxiety, self-esteem, focus, ADD ADHD, sports, dramatically improve self-confidence, neutralize self-doubt, get over fears, and conquer stress and more. Whether your student looking to improve athletic performance, involved in the performing arts or is simply struggling with a problem, Hypnosis is a fun and extraordinary resource that empowers kids and teens to achieve more with less stress. Call today for a free 15-minute phone consultation with pediatric consulting hypnotist, Mona Jones, to see what hypnosis can do for your child.

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