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Rosie’s New View

Photo Courtesy of www.huffingtonpost.com

Photo Courtesy of www.huffingtonpost.com

It’s official, hell has frozen over. After famously and strenuously insisting that she would never, ever go back to the daytime talk show The View,  outspoken and controversial television personality, Rosie O’Donnell, returned to The View this month after a seven year hiatus from the show. During that seven years, she divorced, remarried, adopted a child, had a heart attack followed by weight loss (gastric sleeve) surgery, lost a wheel barrel full of weight and finally arrived on the show’s season debut this month wearing a healthy size medium. The problem is, she’s still fat. Whoa, haters! Her body isn’t fat, her brain is. No wait, this needs some explanation.

Rosie, by her own admission still thinks of herself as a big person. By the time someone is morbidly obese, it’s not about food. Just in case you didn’t catch that, Its. Not. About. Food.

The morbidly obese cannot keep the weight off (weight loss surgery or not) until they not only change the way they eat,  but change what’s eating them. No one becomes morbidly obese because they like to supersize their happy meal. They become morbidly obese because they are eating their feelings. This is why many weight loss surgery patients regain the weight and/or become addicted to something else. They are still trying to manage what is eating them but can no longer use food to self medicate.

The long and the short of it is,  a fair amount of therapy needs to accompany major weight loss. Sounds like so far Rosie is doing pretty okay. She sounds like she’s keeping the big picture in mind. She meditates and practices mindful eating. This will go a long way toward helping her keep the weight off. And of course she’s going to need some hypnosis. Through hypnosis she will not only be able to become comfortable in her new body but will expect herself to remain at a healthy weight. With her subconscious on board, all her unconscious actions will lead her toward her goal of remaining at a healthy weight. And while we’re in there, we will work on the loss of her mother as a young child. People who have lost a parent as a child are among the most wounded people I meet — personally and professionally. It leaves a hole in the spirit that no amount of food or drugs or shopping or alcohol or sex can fill.

Through hypnosis, Rosie can make peace with her self image and with the loss of her mother. She can begin to fill that hole within with something healthy, lasting and completely fat free–self love. Self love is the antidote for toxic behavior. Understanding your actions through hypnosis seals the deal. I can’t say hypnosis will make Rosie less confrontational. I can’t say I would want it to. I kind of like her In your face won’t back down, so there style.

So come on, Rosie O Donnell get in my chair! It’s time to align your brain and your body. To have you be as comfortable with yourself on the inside as you are on the outside. The real you is waiting to come out and she is a healthy, loveable,  fit person.

About the author: Mona Jones is a certified hypnotherapist in Orange County California who helps clients around the world heal their inner child using hypnosis to access and improve the subconscious mind. For more information visit:
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