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When It’s You Against The World

Photo Courtesy of www.examiner.com

Photo Courtesy of www.examiner.com

When it comes to making mistakes in life there are: boo-boos, which you try to correct and perhaps laugh off. There are screw ups, which require cleanups. And there are snafus, which will require a little help from your friends to clean up, apologize and make right. And then, there is the epic fail. A screw-up so monumental that it is life altering. Once you have committed the epic fail, you are down the rabbit hole. You have crossed the point of no return and you just know that life will never be the same.

In the last 30 days no one knows this better than Joan Rivers’ personal physician, Dr. Gwen Korovin and NFL athlete Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens. Their respective epic fails are life altering because they are career ending. They have been living out their dreams with careers that are the result of a lifetime of preparation. Doctors and pro athletes are highly regarded in our society. We need them to behave in a way we consider fitting of their careers and the perks that go with them. Doctors around the world can and do lose patients through mistakes every day. Domestic violence is not a new story in the NFL. What is new, is how every man, woman and child with an Internet connection can get a front row seat to their epic fail, peruse the details and pass judgment. And of course, all is recorded on the web for all time.

You know what Dr. Quinn and Ray Rice need? Uh-huh — hypnosis. When a person’s career and their identity are interwoven, a career ending moment can also kick the identity down the rabbit hole. This is not a fate reserved for celebrities with certain careers. If you’ve ever experienced a life changing moment that causes you to ask the question, “Who am I now?” you know how painful and unsettling this can be. Through hypnosis, a person can let go of the past, reconcile their present with their mistakes and embrace the unknown future. It can help you understand your thinking errors that caused you to go down that path in the first place. Reinventing oneself becomes a pleasurable adventure. Hypnosis is not a magic trick but it can be the single most valuable tool to facilitate your reinvention and help you navigate the way to an alternate future that is far better than the one imagined in the bleakest of moments.

So come on, Dr. Gwen Korovin and Ray Rice–get in my chair (one at a time please). Your past can be in the rearview mirror faster than you think. There’s a signpost at the head and it reads: Your future begins now.

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