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Ray Rice

Photo Courtesy of www.espn.go.com

Photo Courtesy of www.espn.go.com

Have you ever heard the expression, “It takes a village” ?

Ray Rice, (sigh) it’s going to take a village. Maybe two. See, by the time an NFL football player delivers a good hook punch to his fiancée’s head, knocks her out cold, and then makes excuses…well… bring on the village.

Before a man can engage in that kind of domestic violence and a woman can be accepting of it and make excuses for that kind of violence, they would have had to live that story over and over again in the past so that they see it as normal. It is WE who are outraged. It is WE who demand accountability. It is THEY who think that what transpired is just a thing between a husband and wife. And UGH, “they” includes the Baltimore Ravens.

The couple is reportedly in therapy to deal with their “issues” and for that I’m glad. But that’s going to take time. Time is like a ticking bomb for Ray Rice. One more incident and any hope he could’ve had for a life in the professional football arena will be a wisp  of a memory.

So, how can Ray Rice hedge his therapy bet? With hypnosis of course.

Ray can use hypnosis to reframe his own upbringing, his own childhood. Hypnosis is a fast easy way to reconcile the past with the present for a more peaceful and productive future. Using hypnosis, Ray can manage impulses, anger, and quickly marshal alternative behaviors for a lasting change.

So hurry Ray Rice. Get in my chair!

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