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9 Year Old Accidentally Kills Instructor

Photo Courtesy of www.nbcnews.com

Photo Courtesy of www.nbcnews.com


Did you hear the one about the little girl in Arizona who shot her instructor with a mini-Uzi? That sounds so horrible; like it must be some kind of sick joke. Only it’s not. Sure, it was an accident. Sure it was preventable, most accidents are.


What becomes of a child who has to go forward in life having experienced something so horrific that seems like it could only happen in the movies? My own career as a hypnotherapist began when I asked the universe the same question about a boy in my neighborhood who had accidentally killed his best friend in an auto accident. They were horsing around with the car and there was a terrible crash. His friend was crushed to death. Every time I drove past the spot where that young man died and saw the flowers and balloons attached to the fence, I would ask myself,  that question. I knew from my own experience with Hypnosis that it can gently and peacefully, yet radically alter your perspective on a past mistake, accident, or tragedy.


I have always hoped that the teenage driver would receive some kind of mental health care to help him process and understand tragedy and, to ultimately forgive himself. I ask and hope the same thing now, whenever I see the headlines regarding that little girl.


Childhood is filled with emotional bumps and bruises. For some, it goes well beyond that. Hypnotherapy can be the solution that heals the wound.


About the author: Mona Jones C.Ht. is a certified hypnotherapist in California who works with kids and teens across the country to work through life’s problems. For more information visit www.hypnosisforkidsandteens.com

To see the CNN article: http://www.cnn.com/2014/08/26/us/arizona-girl-fatal-shooting-accident/