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RHONJ Giudice’s Doin Time

Photo Courtesy of www.usmagazine.com

Photo Courtesy of www.usmagazine.com

What if it turns out, you aren’t who you thought you were? What if the life you thought you would live took a drastic turn into a dark and unfamiliar place? What if you exchanged all of your “knowns” for “unknowns”? Sound like a trip to the Matrix? For Real Housewife of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice, in a manner of speaking it is!

Reality personalities Teresa and Joe Giudice received their sentences yesterday for their respective roles in bank fraud, bankruptcy hijinx and other related charges. Their life of smoke and mirrors has tumbled down like a house of cards. Sorry, that sounded like a fire sale in the cliche department but it’s true.

Now if you’re a fan of Teresa you’ve got plenty of boo-hoo for her and her husband. If you’re not a fan, you’ll say she got what she deserved and probably not even as much as she deserves. But there’s one element in the story who didn’t get what they deserve at all and that is her children.

All children deserve to be raised by both of their parents–healthy,confident and strong. They too, have taken a turn in the Matrix.

Line up, Giudice family.  You ALL need some hypnosis!  But let’s start with the kids. Actually, they’re all going to need a tag team of Marriage and Family counselor (MFC) AND a hypnotist. The MFC will work with them on practical strategies for everyday living to keep their new life grounded and secure in their love for one another and hypnosis will help them marshall their inner strength to face the future without fear.

The human brain is like an iPad and hypnosis is like the App Store! I would download an “app” into their children’s brains that would function like a protective, invisible bubble, shielding them from the ill effects of insults and public scrutiny; which will surely plague them for years to come. Hypnosis would fortify their self confidence so that they may hold their head high going forward. There’s so much hypnotherapy can do for those beautiful young girls!

So come on, Giudice children get in my chair! Your journey can be easier and your spirit stronger with a little help from your hypnotherapist.

About the author: Mona Jones is a Certified Hypnotherapist in Southern California with a specialty in Pediatric Hypnosis.  For more information about hypnosis for children and teenagers,  visit www.hypnosisforkidsandteens.com