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Break-Ups in the Limelight

Photo Courtesy of www.justjaredjr.com

Photo Courtesy of www.justjaredjr.com

Don’t you just love how social media gives us a front row seat to every break up in celebrityland? It’s tacky, but fun to weigh in with our own thoughts and contributions to what went wrong, who should do what and who was wronged.

So here I go. Last week’s big break news was the split between Battlefield singer/ American Idol alum, Jordin Sparks and rapper Jason Derulo.

Their three year relationship came to an end for problems that included “pressures of marriage” according to Derulo. Sparks however – is much more mum about the split.

(Sidebar Derulo: if you repeatedly have long conversations with your girlfriend about marriage, naturally she thinks you are getting married. To each other. If you don’t want to get married, don’t talk about it, or if you do talk about it, be honest.)

But I digress.

So now we see pictures of the beautiful Jordin Sparks out and about looking hot and fabulous. Happy and free. But what if happy on the outside does not match what’s going on, on the inside?

Well, as we all know, when it comes to a broken heart, in time you simply get over it. You heal and move on. Hopefully, wiser.
But what if you don’t have time? What can someone like Jordin Sparks, who is in the public, eye who would likely not care for her misery to linger, do?

Why, use hypnosis of course! Hypnosis is a great way to zip through the breakup recovery process. It quiets the “what ifs” the woulda/ coulda/ shouldas, and the blame game. After a breakup, Hypnosis helps a person get in touch with the learning and let go of the pain in rapid pace. It rebuilds the self-esteem and allows the person to power through what is probably one of the most difficult experiences in everyday life.

And unlike a nightly pint of Ben and Jerry’s, it is far more productive and of course, calorie free.

So come on Jordin Sparks, get in my chair!

Let’s put Jason Derulo in the rear view mirror, for good.

About the author: Mona Jones is a hypnotherapist in Orange County, California who helps clients around the world get over break ups quickly using the power of hypnosis.  For more information visit www.acceleratedchangehypnosis.com