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Officially The Jolie-Pitts

Photo Courtesy of www.dailymail.co.uk

Photo Courtesy of www.dailymail.co.uk


So Brad and Angelina finally tied the knot.


I know what they have said about being in love with each other and that’s enough, but I really have to wonder what’s going on in the back of their minds or in the heart of their souls that kept them from committing to each other even as they were committing to a family. And I have to wonder what has changed so that they have finally chosen to elevate their commitments. For the Brangelina children, I hope it’s not too little too late.


Ritual and social custom have great meaning in our society. They are tangible signs of our intangible inner world. I’m quite sure that Brad and Angelina reassured their children over and over again that they loved each other and their family and were committed to one another. But when our actions do not match our words, children are quick to jump to conclusions. These misconclusions go deep into the subconscious mind and become the foundation on which future misperceptions are built. Then relationships happen. And these misperceptions rise up in these relationships. Luckily, hypnosis is a great tool for unraveling misperceptions, sorting out the truth, and making peace with it.


I wish Brad and Angelina a long and happy marriage. I do.


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