Mona Jones Hypnosis

Dr. Goldstein Testimonial

So delighted to share with you this testimonial from Dr. Estelle Goldstein. It is my privilege and my pleasure to work with the patients she refers to my office for an outside-the-box approach to well being.

“I have known and referred to other hypnotherapists, but never had the amount of disappeared symptoms and happy patients that I have with Mona.

Patients are often uncomfortable with a referral to hypnosis, a wildly undervalued modality. But after viewing her online interview with me (www.therenegadedoctor.com) or simply telephoning her for a chat, she inspires confidence, and things go just fine.

Patients are pleasantly surprised at how quickly symptoms that are traditionally difficult to treat with medication, like some aspects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other anxiety disorders can disappear.

She is a consummate professional; I am also proud to call her a true friend.”
Estelle Toby Goldstein, M.D.
Board certified psychiatrist, with over 35 years of medical (neurosurgical, neurological, and psychiatric) practice.