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Oh Rob…

Photo courtesy of www.intouchweekly.com

Photo courtesy of www.intouchweekly.com


I hope you saw it. I hope you saw that Rob Kardashian is in treatment again for the issues that plague him. And while I wish all the best for him, the view from my chair is not a hopeful one. What is going to be different this time versus the previous times he has sought treatment?


Rob Kardashian deserves to be fit and healthy. He deserves to be successful. He deserves to be regarded in his own light. But here’s the catch: Rob has to consciously AND subconsciously believe that he deserves all this and more. My guess? He does not believe. This is why he is stuck. Whenever the conscious and subconscious mind cannot agree, we have an impasse and we cannot gain forward motion.


Hypnosis would be the perfect adjunct tool for Rob Kardashian’s traditional treatment. Hypnosis gets to the root of mental impasse, aligns the conscious mind with the subconscious mind and facilitates that forward motion that Rob so desperately needs. How about those abandonment issues? I bet dollars to donuts that dear Rob has lots of unresolved issues regarding his father’s death when he was so very young. In my practice I see adults who have lost a parent as a child and there is a part of them, a child like part of them deep within, that feels there must be something wrong with them if the parent could not or would not stick around. This so completely lacks logic and reason of course because it does not come from the conscious mind where logic and reason rule the day. It comes from the subconscious mind where experiences can become distorted as they are saved to long-term memory. Unresolved grief can be so crippling. It can sneak out in strange and unexpected ways. It can be resolved relatively quickly with hypnosis.


I don’t know why I have a soft spot in my heart for Rob Kardashian, but I do. He’s a mess! But I bet he cleans up “real good.”


I hope we see it soon.


About the author: Mona Jones is a Certified Hypnotherapist in California who helps clients all over the world overcome mental obstacles through the power of hypnosis. For more information visit: www.AcceleratedChangeHypnosis.com