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I think maybe Shakespeare was a Buddhist!

Just kidding. But these words are very Buddhist, very Zen, very true. When we attach negative meaning to an event or memory, we suffer. When we can hold a memory of a difficult situation as neutral, we experience peace. Easier said than done because assigning value to a memory is usually an automatic function as the memory moves from the short term storage of the conscious mind to the long term storage of the unconscious mind. When we realize we are suffering because of our perception of a memory, we can make a conscious decision to change the way we think or feel. Sometimes, a memory will fade peacefully on its own or simply shift as we gain new experiences and wisdom. But what can be done with those memories that no matter how hard we try, continue to haunt us, that feel bigger than our will? Using the graceful power of hypnosis, we can access those memories and change the way we feel about them for good. It’s as though your brain used the “save” function for the original file or memory and we overwrite that file with fresh, healthy perspective. The result is lasting peace and a feeling of having moved on from it. Very empowering. Call today for a complimentary consultation to see how this could work for you 714.477.7272  You’ll be glad you did. Change “what if ” to “what is” and be free.