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What is Jason Day doing??

Performance coaching for the mind

The Eyes Have It



No, pro golfer Jason Day is not sleeping on the job. He’s not even resting his eyes. This panel of screen shots came from Sunday’s round of The Barclays at Plainfield Country Club during which viewers unknowingly watched Day go through a prescribed set of mental performance exercises designed to improve his game. The moment I saw it, I knew what he was doing. The announcer chided Day for closing his eyes, “Can’t see the gap with your eyes closed! Open them.” I thought to myself, he not only sees the gap, he sees the shot going beautifully. He is visualizing his success before he has it and this brings the target into focus and makes his chance for success rise dramatically. He is stepping into the zone. Right now. ‘Course, I’m a mental performance coach.. I teach this to athletes all the time.


The 27-year old Australian on the PGA Tour has used the services of mental performance coach, Neale Smith, a fellow Aussie. Like many athletes, Day once believed that if you need a mental coach to do your job, something must be wrong with you. PGA Tour player, Hunter Mahan managed to convince him otherwise and introduced Jason Day to Smith in 2011. It’s been a heck of an improvement since: today (2015) Day is ranked 3rd in the world (1st in the FedEx Cup). His 2015 wins to date include 4 first place finishes, 1 3rd place finish and 9 top tens. Though it’s not all about the money, he’s taken in over seven million dollars this year; all in just 17 events. When you put up his numbers from 2010 (the year before he started working with a mental coach) you can see the impressive and measurable improvement. I’d say the real win is his being able to step outside the box and like Tiger Woods at the peak of his game, use a mental coach. After all, the biggest part of any sport is the mental aspect. Noisy mind, no game.


Whatever the sport: golf, baseball, football, if it uses a ball or a stick, if the body ever leaves the ground in play, any sport at all: a mental performance coach is key to helping an athlete increase the intensity/success of their game while reducing the stress.


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P.S.: Anyone got Tiger’s number? I think he could use my help.