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Dustin Johnson’s Ka-Putt

photo courtesy of NY Post by Kevin Dietsch/UPI May be subject to copyright

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I’ve heard it said that the most difficult golf game in the world is the one between your ears. Bet that’s never been more true for PGA golfer Dustin Johnson after Sunday’s choke seen ‘round the world at the 2015 US Open.
First he missed a 12 foot putt for eagle to win what would have been his first Major. Then, sinking a mere 4 foot putt would have brought him to tie and a playoff but the putt goes…well… kaput and it’s second place for the kid. Yeah, ok in this story “first loser” gets $877,144 in prize money. That’s a lot of Benjamins but probably not enough to quiet the noise within because for a true athlete, it’s about winning. Hopefully, he gets a handle on this loss, learns from it and moves on stronger–maybe, maybe not.
Perhaps he’s got a putter problem. According to USGA’s shot tracker he missed putts #2 from 9 feet, #3 from 5 feet, #10 from 6 feet, #11 from 6 feet, #12 from 7 feet, #16 from 9 feet, and the now infamous #18 at 4 feet. Granted there could be a number of reasons or conditions affecting those putts but in competition at this level, they should go. Perhaps he has a perception problem: his perception of his ability to quickly adjust and adapt to different conditions and situations. After all, this is the same pro that missed out on a playoff in the PGA championship when ground his club in a hazard on the 72nd hole. Yes, sketchy bunker, but a rule sheet was given and he should have known. He held a 3 shot lead entering the final round of the 2010 US Open and shoots an 82. (Sigh) And so it goes.
Dustin Johnson, you’d better get in my chair. Something’s up on that 6 inch course between your ears. Through the power of hypnosis, we’ll take a look at your beliefs surrounding success, winning and yourself. You’ve obviously got the talent and experience, so what is it that stands between you and the success you desire on the conscious level? We can find that self limiting belief or perception, eliminate it and give you a glitch-free path to the winner’s circle. Fast. Let’s get started.
About the author: Mona Jones is a Certified Hypnotherapist in Orange County, California who uses hypnosis for sports with high level athletes to improve performance, quiet inner chatter, squash self doubt, prevent choke, release regret, gain confidence in stressful situations and more. Call for more information regarding hypnosis for golf or any other sport. Visit http://MonaJonesHypnosis.com or http://HypnosisForKidsAndTeens.com