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Secrets Are Like A Grenade


Got this gem from a TEDx talk with speaker Ash Beckham. She’s pretty awesome. She likens having a secret to hiding in a dark closet clutching a grenade, hoping it won’t go off. She wisely points out that secrets cause incredible and sustained stress to the body. Too often, sustained chronic stress can lead to disease and can eventually “be the death of you”

Hypnosis helps clients understand their own truth, make peace with it and move on. The weight that is lifted from clients who use hypnosis for secrets in my Orange County office is wonderful to witness. Through hypnotherapy, we address perspective, acceptance, guilt, fear, resentment, rejection and more. Very often the guilt that is carried is unearned—a thinking error that can be corrected. When the conscious mind and unconscious mind agree on an outcome, the result is a peaceful spirit and a whole new level of emotional freedom and happiness.

Though Ash Beckham’s TEDx talk on secrets is specifically about her own journey as a gay woman, she touches on anyone who has a secret (of any kind) is living in a dark closet, because “All a closet is, is a hard conversation.”  Hypnosis can help one gain that much needed inner strength to face those difficult conversations.

Got a secret? Get out of the closet and into my chair! Through hypnosis we can disarm that grenade. Peace is waiting for you.

About the author: Mona Jones is a Certified Hypnotherapist in Orange County, California who uses hypnosis to help clients find self acceptance and make peace with their past for a happier, more productive present and future. For more information visit the Contact page of www.MonaJonesHypnosis.com or www.HypnosisForKidsAndTeens.com