Mona Jones Hypnosis

Oops, Your Child Is Listening


A child’s inner landscape is shaped by not only his experiences but by the things he hears. To a child, adults represent authority and children often take words to heart; for better or worse. When a child is exposed to negative words, their sense of worth and self identity are at risk as those words are stored in the subconscious mind where his inner voice becomes the playback mechanism for those words. Those words become part of his reality even in the absence of malice.

If your child’s self confidence or sense of self worth is not what it should be, hypnosis can help. Using hypnosis, we access those thinking errors in the subconscious mind and neutralize the impact of those words. We then add in new words chosen by the client that he needs or needed most to hear. The results are a new perspective of the self, noticeably improved sense of self confidence and a release of pain and self doubt caused by those old words. Fascinating and heartwarming. Perhaps it is your own inner child who needs to quiet that negativity. .

For more information about hypnosis for children visit: www.HypnosisForKidsAndTeens.com

About the author: Mona Jones is a Certified Hypnotherapist in Orange County California who uses hypnosis to help adults, kids and teens develop better self confidence, self esteem, positive thinking and more.