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Hypnosis to Change A Memory: Brooke Brinson’s Cabo Wedding

Photo courtesy or Radar Online

Photo courtesy or Radar Online


Have you ever had a big moment in life that at one point went completely south and with it went the good memories you had hoped to hold for lifetime? Real Housewives of Beverly Hills offspring, Brooke Brinson knows. She experienced this firsthand when her mom, RHOBH cast member Kim Richards attended Brooke’s Cabo San Lucas wedding celebration on May 23. I say a wedding “celebration” because she was actually married back in August of 2014 when she and her groom, Thayer Wiederhorn married in a backyard ceremony at her aunt Kathy’s house (that’s tongue in cheek cuz Aunt Kathy as in Hilton’s house is a dream venue by anyone’s standards) so her terminally ill father Monty could see her walk down the aisle. He, though still living was too ill to travel to Mexico for the festivities. In reality so was her mom!  After all, she checked out of rehab to make the trip with a sobriety aide in tow.  What happens when the unrehabbed get into a celebration that includes liquor and a foreign country? Kablooey. That’s what.
Reports are Kim went off the rails, was waaay not sober, rants at the grooms family, got ditched by the sobriety coach who was allegedly introduced as her Pilates instructor. WTH? Stop it.  No one buys that.  Keep it real, Kim.  We know. I digress.
Where was I?
Oh, yes. So we can’t pick our parents, who no matter how much they love us, are flawed human beings. Some flaws are hidden in the home and others are out for all to see.

Brooke Brinson-Wiederhorn just wanted a beautiful beach-side wedding which in her dreams, would have included her dad– well and present and her mom,  sober and lovely. She got a mish-mash of bad circumstances not of her choosing or making. Her beautiful wedding photos and memory of her wedding(s) could now well be tainted in her mind with unfortunate and no doubt incredibly stressful moments.
What can be done?

Hypnosis to change those memories, of course! I’m not talking about amnesia. Suppression is a dangerous act and solves nothing. I’m talking about a change in perception of an event. A glass half full vs. glass half empty scenario. Change the things the mind focuses on and the relationship between moments and the big event.

Kind of like when a friend is describing an event or moment that you both lived and he or she has a totally different take on it. How does that even happen? Our experiences and the “filter” through which we view an event affect our perception of an event. Hypnosis facilitates a shift in perspective that in turn causes a person to look at an event or situation differently and more positively. Reframing the events leading up to and during a situation allows a person to remember a story with an improved perspective.

So come on Brooke Brinson, get in my chair! Your champagne glass can go from half empty to half full in just a few sessions. The wedding video in your mind can look so much better when we change the lens through which you view the past. Bring the new hubby. It’s his wedding too. You’ll start feeling better very soon. Peace.

About the author: Mona Jones is a Certified Hypnotherapist in Orange County who uses hypnosis to help adults, kids and teens have a better view of their past. For more information about the Hypnotist, visit the Contact page of www.MonaJonesHypnosis.com or www.HypnosisForKidsAndTeens.com