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Tiger Woods’ Grief

Photo Courtesy of www.usmagazine.com Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Photo Courtesy of www.usmagazine.com Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Breaking up is hard to do. There is never a good time to do it. There’s just bad and worse. What could be worse than having to announce the breakup of your media-watched celebrity romance on the painful anniversary of your father’s passing?
Tiger Woods knows only too well as he publicly lives out his breakup with Olympic ski hottie, Lindsey Vonn after nearly three years.

The breakup announcement came on Sunday, May 3rd – the anniversary of the death of Earl Woods; Tiger’s father, mentor and early coach.

“This time of year is really, really hard on me.” Tiger states. He goes on to say, “This three-day window is really hard. I haven’t slept. These three days, May 3rd through 5th…is just brutal on me. And then obviously with what happened Sunday just adds to it.”

Truth be told, things haven’t been on track for Tiger since his father’s passing nine years ago. I mean, he held it together for a couple of years while he rode the ‘do it for dad’ motivation train but really, he hasn’t had a major championship win since the 2008 U.S. Open. Fourteen wins up to that point. No majors since.

Woods is a 79-time winner on the PGA Tour. But nowadays the former mental powerhouse struggles to keep his head in the game and his body ahead of injury.

In case this fire needs another log – toss in his divorce from Elin Nordegren in 2010 as one of life’s most stressful events, to Tiger’s personal timeline.

You can believe Tiger “ramps up” emotionally in the days preceding the anniversary date of Earl Woods’ passing and then there’s the drawn out reaction to the dates themselves. By the time the anniversary period is underway, Tiger is emotionally wrecked. Year after year, this has become his emotionally depleting tradition. Everyone knows when Tiger puts focus on something he gets really good at it. That’s bad news this time as unknowingly, Tiger is training his brain to do this as a new, automatic behavior that already feels beyond his control. Without his father there to validate him, he appears rudderless.

In short: here’s a guy with a high pressure job, stuck in an intense cycle of grief, with a messy personal life who for too long now, has had a lot of noise inside his head.


What Tiger could use right now is a hard reset. A cold boot. Right now.

It’s the perfect time.

What can someone like Tiger do? Get some hypnosis of course! Through the power of hypnosis we access his subconscious mind and lay his father to rest once and for all. We neutralize his emotional reaction to the calendar dates of his father’s passing and allow him to move forward throughout the year with his memories of his father taking their rightful place and proportion in his body mind and spirit. We help him find what drives him in personal relationships; identify weaknesses and turn them into strengths. We help him separate his own inner voice from that of the his late father’s which still rings in his mind, clearly. We then put him back in touch with the Tiger of the early years: the remarkable, exceptional, miraculous Tiger. We balance ego and humility for a powerful inner strength and calm that can actually help his body move with more fluidity and avoid injuries with ties to stress and tension. That’s just for starters!

So come on, Tiger Woods get in my chair! Enough is enough. Time to let go of the past, flawed ways of thinking and old ways of doing and being. Now is the time to create and embrace a new and evolved you. Hypnosis is relaxing and easy. It soothes the pain and fuels the spirit. It’s not just about feeling better, it’s about BEING better.

Let’s get started.

About the author: Mona Jones is a Certified Hypnotherapist in Orange County, California who uses hypnosis for sports and business professionals to relieve stress, uncover hidden motivation, find closure after divorce or death and improve performance. For more information about this visit the contact page of monajoneshypnosis.com
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