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Photo Courtesy of www.abcnews.go.com

Photo Courtesy of www.abcnews.go.com



Since the arrival of Adam and Eve there have always been male and female souls to walk this earth. There have also always been those among us whose soul is neither male nor female; those whose soul is male and female. The Native Americans call this the Two Spirit people. In Hawaiian culture, they use the word “māhū.” From ancient Siberia to the Amazon, from Central to Southeast Asia, around the world and across time there are many cultures (ancient and contemporary) who live(d) in the knowledge and acceptance of this existence. So for those who think that being transgender or coming out is on the rise, it’s not. You’re just more tuned in as digital media gives voice to all people and things.



The Lakota Sioux of the Plains Indian cultures of North America describe us as each having three souls: the physical, cognitive and divine. Ancient Innuit culture also believe in three souls: breath (birth), name and immortal or spiritual. There are many more cultures who embrace this but you get the picture. What if each of these souls or parts were of the same gender? What if they weren’t?



That brings me to the Bruce Jenner interview. THE Bruce Jenner interview. Watching it I couldn’t help but think of him as the very picture of the existence of a multi-soul’d being. A living paradox. His mannerisms were alternately masculine and feminine. His statements often contradictory. He was bold yet uncertain. I sadly wagged my hypnotherapist head and thought, “Bruce, Bruddah, Gurl, you got trouble. You are waaay out of alignment internally and externally.”  He is far from being at peace with himself. This is why, in my opinion, he should not be “representing.” He positions his very public coming out (like he ever could have had a private one) as being a teaching moment; as drawing attention to the cause. But really, does this help? After all, if the goal of the LGBTQ community is to help society accept the range and fluidity of human gender identity and sexuality as a non-issue, this super confused/ misaligned newbie formerly associated with the over-the-top Kardashian spectacle probably shouldn’t be the face of it.



“I don’t want to see Bruce immediately take on an activist role until Bruce has had a chance to learn more about the community,” said Jennifer Finney Boylan, board co-chair of GLAAD. “That trust is going to have to be earned.” I’m with her. She ought to know, she transitioned more than a decade ago. Transitioning is a long road and isn’t neatly wrapped up when getting or (getting rid of) the physical aspects of male or female appearance. The suicide rate among the transgendered is exceptionally high and has been said to be as much as 25 times higher than the general population. Transitioning doesn’t automatically bring happiness or peace. In addition to navigating the schematics of practical life, if Bruce is to find peace and a sense of completeness, he’s got to get those souls into alignment.



If we are honest with ourselves, we ALL have a conflicted inner landscape from time to time. What’s it like to go around conflicted and out of alignment ALL the time? How does anyone achieve that alignment?



Hypnosis taps the part of the mind where our innermost self processes perspective on the past, present and future and facilitates that alignment. Each part of ourselves whether LGBTQ, straight, questioning, et al, must be accepting of the other and can be coached into working together in harmony for the greater good and survival of the whole person. Hypnosis also makes one more resilient to stress and haters. Through hypnotherapy, one finds a true acceptance of the self in its parts and entirety. This in turn, brings the peace and inner stability we all crave.



Hypnosis helps us be accepting of the things we’d like to or need to be accepting of but can’t quite. Talkin’ about you, Khloe Kardashian. Jenner reveals that of all his kids, she is having the hardest time with his transition. He attributes it to her experiencing the loss of a father again. Her father, Robert Kardashian died of cancer when she was a child.




Think about it: the people who love him will have to mourn the loss of the person / persona formerly known as Bruce, as they get to know the transitioned version of him without the benefit of ritual that helps us say good-bye and find closure. That would head trip, no? Bruce but not Bruce. Visual contradictions mess with the mind and literally raise our stress level. Could this be a component of the discrimination, rejection and hate that the Two Spirit face?



Hmmm…so much for all of us to think about. In the mean time, Bruce Jenner – get in my chair! As an elite athlete you relied on coaches and trainers to bring out the best in you and ensure your success. Now it’s time to bring in an adviser to your subconscious to do the same as you travel this leg of your journey. Time to get yourself into alignment: body, mind and spirit.


Let’s get started.


P.S: better make an appointment for Khloe too. No one transitions alone.



About the author: Mona Jones is a Certified Hypnotherapist in Orange County who works with clients on self acceptance, stress and inner peace. She is certified in hypnosis for LGBT / LGBTQ issues. For more information visit the Contact page of monajoneshypnosis.com