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Botching Baywatch

Photo Courtesy of www.dailymail.co.uk

Photo Courtesy of www.dailymail.co.uk

Whenever I watch E! Channel’s “Botched” TV show, I am so deeply reminded that health and well-being are not just physical. The patient’s emotional well-being can become as botched as the body itself. Each patient on the show has such a compelling story, I am chagrined to find that I cannot look away. I’m sorry I’m not sorry! Lol

But hey, they knew that. That’s why they made the show, right? This week, listening to former Baywatch actress, Nicole Eggert try to give voice to the disconnect between her vision for herself and her current reality was uncomfortable. The 5 foot 2 actress was once self conscious about her A cup breasts on boobie beach back in the day when Baywatch was an incredibly hot show that launched a number of careers. She went on to have admittedly, 5 boob jobs. She was looking for perfect, repair, and replacement. All she found was more unhappiness.

When you look at her current weight for her frame, she is at an unhealthy weight. She felt discouraged when working out because even as she began to lose pounds, she still looked large due to the size of her breasts. I have seen this a number of times – the breast is so large, the bottom of it is very close to the hip bone and it looks like, well…stomach. She asked Dr. Dubrow to reduce the size of her breasts down to a B Cup so that she can be more agile, feel better about working out and the more motivated to get her old body back. The best Dr. Dubrow could do is give her a C-ish cup due to the amount of skin from the once double D implants. It would appear that Nicole emerged from her experience feeling happier about her body. I find that this type of happiness can be short lived for someone who has a disconnect between the past and the present. Nicole Eggert could use hypnosis to help align her present with her expectations.

She does need to lose weight. She will lose weight. But she will need lots of internal motivation to stick with it. And after two children and a thyroid problem, it is unlikely that her body will ever look like it did when she donned the red swimsuit of Baywatch. But, through the power of hypnosis, she can find beauty in the way her body is today while conditioning it to be healthier than it has been in a very long time.

So come on Nicole Eggert, get in my chair! Beauty is more than skin deep. Lasting beauty comes from the soul. A peaceful spirit and happy heart are truly beautiful. The rest of you is not too shabby either! Let’s get started.

About the author: Mona Jones is a Certified Hypnotherapist in Orange County, California who helps clients with weight loss, find motivation, learn to love their body and reconcile their past with their present. For more information visit the contact page of www.monajoneshypnosis.com