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Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez?

Photo courtesy of www.eonline.com

Photo courtesy of www.eonline.com

Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron? What? Isn’t she gay? Does this mean that she’s now bi? Perhaps she was temporarily gay and now she’s straight. Actress Anne Heche made the switch. Maybe Michelle is going to switch teams too.

The real answer should be: who cares!

But let’s face it, for now our society is way too concerned with what’s going on in other people’s pants, and social media and tabloids will oblige.

I once had an inquiry from a potential Hypnosis client who wanted to know if he could use hypnosis to change himself from gay to straight.

I told him hypnosis would help him love and accept  his authentic self, whomever that may be. If his authentic self was straight, that’s one thing. If his true and authentic  self is a gay man, then changing orientation, in my opinion, is a no. Human sexual orientation and development is far more complex than most of us will ever be moved to examine or study. But one thing remains sure: internal chaos is hugely draining and not a good ingredient to bring to any relationship, gay or straight. Hypnosis is an awesome tool for mental and emotional clarity.

I closed the guy’s phone consultation by telling him we would need to explore what his truth was as the first step to an authentic outcome.

He never did make that appointment. I wish him peace.

About the author: Mona Jones is a Certified Hypnotherapist in California who helps clients all over the world overcome mental obstacles through the power of hypnosis. For more information visit: www.AcceleratedChangeHypnosis.com