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Get Your Head In The Game

Photo Courtesy of www.epsn.go.com

Photo Courtesy of www.epsn.go.com


Elite athletes have long been subjected to, and engaged at one time or another, in the art of trash-talking. For some, it’s a game within a game: “How low can you go?”


For others, when it comes to smack, less is more.


A couple of weeks ago, a number of sports news outlets published quotes from Oklahoma City Thunder center, Steven Adams regarding trash-talk from legendary smack talkers, Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Garnett. “KG and (Kendrick Perkins), those two are ridiculous,” Adams said of the pair. “They make you question, like, why you are playing basketball and stuff. You’re like ‘Why am I doing this?’ It’s really weird, you get depressed.”
Hmmm…probably don’t want those two to know just how much space they can wrangle inside your head, Bruddah. Just sayin’.
Turns out, Kevin Garnett also has some passive aggressive smack up his sleeve.¬† According to Adams (and I’m sure there are a number of NBA players who can substantiate this claim) when Kevin Garnett starts talking to himself,¬† he indirectly smacktalks the player next to him. “Yeah, it’s like really weird,” Adams recalled. “He’s talking to himself, but he like, makes you feel bad because he mentions you in it. You’re like, ‘What the hell? This is crazy!’ I walk away so I don’t hear it because then, I don’t know, I’ll get real sad.”


Shhhh! More T.M.I. Steven Adams.


So, how can hypnosis help Steven Adams and athletes like him? Really easily actually. Through the power of hypnosis, we access the subconscious mind and change the way he feels about this trash-talk. The athlete can choose for him or herself how they would like to feel instead. He or she may choose to be amused, immune, fired up, anything really. On the court and off, effortlessly and automatically¬† managing thoughts and emotions on the subconscious level is a powerful and amazing way to take one’s game to the next level.


So come on Steven Adams, get in my chair! Clearly you could use some body armor for the mind. Hypnosis can provide that quickly and easily.