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Empire’s Homosexuality

Photo Courtesy of www.TVline.com

Photo Courtesy of www.TVline.com

I never knew it was a thing: extra hard being gay and black. I just thought it was hard being gay. But the world is a classroom and we have this on the board to look at again in the form of Jamal Lyon and his father Lucious Lyon. Both characters of TV’s runaway hit show, Empire (a very Dallas (1980’s) meets current hip-hop evening soap/show about a family Empire within a record company; full of backstabbing, betrayal, whodunits, twists and turns.) It’s drama of course as opposed to reality, but we can see these types of conversations played out within the family as the writers and actors quickly skim through what it is to be gay, black and in a high profile family. Dad, Lucious, is very clear about his feelings and they are harsh.  By the end of the season finale, we get a peek inside Lucious Lyon’s fears regarding Jamal’s homosexuality and we watch Jamal step right up to the edge of attempted murder in order to gain acceptance from his father. What must that be like, to need that acceptance so badly as to compromise oneself to that degree? We’ve all done it on one level or another – for a time, for someone or something.

What about for a lifetime? No thank you.

What if the Jamal’s of the world could rather rapidly, firmly and completely find themselves free from that need for parental acceptance? What if the parent of a gay child could easily and smoothly find themselves in a place of compassionate acceptance of their child in all his differences and complexities? The struggle is real but so is the solution. This push pull equation is a thinking problem and thinking problems melt away with hypnosis. Through the power of hypnosis we access the part of the mind where our beliefs are held to re-frame and resolve the road blocks to love, forgiveness and acceptance.

Forgiveness, you ask? Yes, forgiveness. Did you see Adam (Reza’s fiance on Bravo TV’s Shahs of Sunset) give his father Philip an earful and the flashback of Reza giving his own pop a belly full as well? Both guns blazing even AFTER both dad’s had come to acceptance. The hurt in their voices was incredibly palpable. Even after a parent finds acceptance in his heart, the shunned child still bears the hurt. That kind of hurt is a wound sure to fester without attention to it.

So come on y’all – Jamals and Lucious’, Adams and Philips. Get in my chair! Life is short and love is the only thing you take with you. Find your acceptance, love and forgiveness before the sun sets on your Empire.

About the author: Mona Jones is a Certified Hypnotherapist in Orange County, California who helps clients around the world heal their past and find love and forgiveness. She holds a certification for hypnosis in LGBT and transgender issues. For more information how you can benefit from hypnosis visit the Contact page of www.monajoneshypnosis.com