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Shahs of Asifa Mirza

Photo Courtesy of www.bravotv.com

Photo Courtesy of www.bravotv.com

What would the Shahs of Sunset be without a hair-trigger hothead? Up until now it has always been GG (Golnessa). She never failed to provide us with her shock and awe reactions to even the slightest slight. Wine-glass-throwing Real Housewives ain’t got nothing on that girl! I saw GG once in person, and she was indeed simmering under the surface – even away from the cameras. So far, one has to ask where did all of GG’s rage go? Guess she’s been working on some anger management. She seems sort of, um…normal? Not sure. It’s early in the season. For now, it would seem the role of psycho beezy from hell has been handed off to Asifa. Ah, Asifa – WTH? Like GG, she never met a situation she couldn’t ramp up.

In this week’s episode Asifa and boyfriend Bobby are with the group at a luxurious beachfront home for a “staycation.” A friend of a friend, Bobby (or “bald Bobby” as Asifa calls him – Oh, no she ditn’t! Uh huh she did!)


Where were we?

Oh, yes – f.o.f. Bobby calls out Asifa for being: rude, stupid, dumb, and a whole host of other things wrapped up in racial barbs. Which is kind of funny because this is an entirely ethnic group, himself included. From there, the Indian/Persian/American Asifa goes off. There is yelling, scuffling, pushing and punching. Or was it just one punch? Hard to tell. It was quite the scrum.

Anyway, Asifa explains herself to the cameras, “I got made fun of a lot when I was a little kid. I was odd girl out. I remember that part of my life so vividly. It was such a bad place and I didn’t want to relive it…When bald Bobby says those things, it brings out the little girl in me that was hurt when she was younger by being racially tormented.”

You betcha.

And this is where hypnosis for bullying comes in. Those who were bullied as a child can heal the past through hypnosis. Through the power of hypnosis we access the memories in the subconscious mind and neutralize the emotional effect of those memories. This allows the client to have an appropriate inward and outward response to the old triggers and react accordingly. Some people have a past so painful that if they even perceive someone or something coming near even the edges of that past, they react strongly and in a negative way. We can’t keep clods and bullies away from Asifa but we can change the way she thinks and acts so that they are less attracted to her and she does not provide them with a reaction.

So come on, Asifa – get in my chair! Your past is affecting your present. Time to heal the little girl within and bring her lasting peace and confidence. Let’s close that old chapter in your life now that you are about to begin a new one. When we are done, your beauty will be more than skin deep and you will have much to teach your future children about living in the melting pot that is our world.

About the author: Mona Jones a Certified Hypnotherapist in Orange County, California who uses hypnosis, EFT and other modalities to help clients heal the past, overcome the negative effects of bullying, work on anger management and gain self confidence. For more information visit www.monajoneshypnosis.com