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You ARE The Father…Chris Brown!

Photo Courtesy of www.tmz.com

Photo Courtesy of www.tmz.com

Chris Brown is a daddy.

Um…mazel tov?

I mean let’s face it, the guy is a wreck. Just look at his timeline if misdeeds: becomes famous, dates another famous celebrity (Rhianna), beats her, goes to court, goes to rehab, gets kicked out of rehab, has tumultuous relationship with new celebrity (Karrueche Tran)…

And now he’s gone and reproduced, with neither of the women mentioned above. What can this guy teach his child about functioning in a healthy, constructive way in this world? But it’s not Chris Brown that I would like to hypnotize (although he could probably use it.) The persons that need to be hypnotized most are the women in his life. Why would anyone want to be with someone as destructive as Chris Brown?

The answer lies in their past. If we open up their respective stories and examine their family of origin we will see an equally or comparatively dysfunctional father. People unconsciously try to work out a legacy of dysfunction with their partner as a surrogate. They end up in destructive relationships that over and over again speak to the dysfunction of their upbringing.

Through the power of hypnosis we can help a person understand their past, change their perspective, and heal. This paves the way for healthy relationships going forward.

So come on ladies…one at a time…get in my chair! Time to break the cycle of dysfunctional relationships. Just think, what would life be like in a normal healthy relationship. No baby drama, no mama drama, no police reports.

Just imagine…

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