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Pete Carroll Super Bowl XLIX and His Mindset

Photo Courtesy of www.thesportspost.com

Photo Courtesy of www.thesportspost.com

What do Pete Carroll and Homer Simpson have in common? Here’s a hint: it rhymes with “Doh!”

Just kidding. Now, I know that in any given bowl game there are many, many moving parts. Many, many layers to decisions that must be made in the heat of battle but Pete Carroll’s final and devastating decision at the end of Super Bowl XLIX that cost the Seattle Seahawks the win, will unfortunately go down in the sports history books as one of the biggest “Doh!”s of all time.

When an executive makes a big decision (as in calculated risk) for his company or in this case team, that goes wrong – the repercussions are wide and lives adjacent to his own, are affected. It is for this reason that when an executive or entrepreneur makes a decision that goes south, hypnosis becomes a luxurious necessity. Here’s why: when an executive or  entrepreneur makes a decision based on his experience, wisdom, short term and long term goals of the organization, he’s doing the best he can with the information and experience he has. He usually has a track history of having his decisions be fruitful. So when a big decision goes south, it becomes really noisy inside his head. He can apply logic and reason from the conscious mind to explain or justify his actions but the subconscious will likely disagree.

The what ifs, the should haves, the if onlys, the regrets, become like an endless loop played from the subconscious mind  that will not stop. It likely bleeds over into his personal life as well; bringing a restless toxicity to his down time and makes for sleepless nights.

Self-doubt can become like emotional scar tissue, through which future decisions are filtered. So, how can Pete Carroll benefit from hypnosis? Through hypnotherapy we access the subconscious mind and release the regret but keep the learning. Having an understanding of our actions is a huge step toward not repeating our mistakes and letting go of the past. By accessing the power of the subconscious mind we stay ahead of it, that nagging self-doubt and internal name calling . We can return to a peaceful, consistently confident state and joyful living.

Heavy lies the head that wears the crown, so come on Pete Carroll, get in my chair!

I can promise you fresh perspective on that fateful day, self forgiveness, remarkable stress release and a complete emotional detox. Let’s get started.

About the author: Mona Jones is a Certified Hypnotherapist in Orange County, California who works with executives and entrepreneurs to fine tune their approach to decision making, quiet unproductive internal dialogue,  habit control and manage stress. For more information on Hypnosis for Executives, visit Mona Jones Executive Hypnotherapy: http://youtu.be/DGhA34cLtFw