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EJ Johnson’s Fashion Choices

Photo Courtesy of www.people.com

Photo Courtesy of www.people.com

Will the real EJ Johnson please stand up? If you’re already standing, I beg your pardon.

I confess to having trolled Rich kids of Instagram and have occasionally watched a few minutes of the reality show, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. I can’t help it; all that dysfunction. Somebody help these people! Cast member EJ Johnson (professional fashionista and son of NBA icon Magic Johnson) caught my eye. He is over the top everything! Over the top gay, over the top with the fashion, over the top with the gestures etc. If that’s the genuine EJ, well then – you go buddy. But if this super-sized grand dame thing is about increasing the size of his persona to disguise the size of his body…then, he should probably get in my chair – stat.

EJ Johnson had weight loss surgery in 2014. Recent reports say he has lost 60 pounds so far.
Totally reminds me of talk show host Star Jones, who before her own weight loss surgery topped out at 307 pounds. Star Jones has confessed to going big with with her persona, fashion, makeup, etc. In order to deflect attention from the size of her body. EJ Johnson is reported to have sat down to lunch with Star Jones and discussed weight loss surgery. She had shared with him that weight loss surgery is a tool for a new life. Not the easy way out. Not the end all do all and be all to becoming a new person. You go girl. Couldn’t have said it better myself. But then, she ought to know.

In a 2009 article titled “Losing Weight with Star Jones” she confesses to having not realized that she was going to need therapy in addition to the surgery. What many morbidly obese people do not realize, is that they are addicts. Addiction is at the root of their weight problem. And at the root of addiction is their past. You cannot heal the body until you heal the past. I don’t know what troubles EJ Johnson. In every single article you read about him practically, he mentions his supportive parents and I don’t doubt that Magic and Cookie Johnson are indeed supportive parents in addition to EJ’s brother and sister. But growing up gay and fat (he was a heavy kid) is like a lightning rod for a whole lot of hurt to the body, mind and spirit. Growing up in a society that has only recently begun to try to tackle the issues of LGBT for kids for sure didn’t help.
I wish EJ Johnson well in his journey. I hope he will seek therapy along with engaging a personal trainer and dietician. I will be curious to see if his detracting over the top style and personality settle down to what I think I see a seedling of: an elegant young man with style to spare, a good heart and a zest for life who isĀ  surrounded by love and friendship becauseĀ  he deserves it. I don’t know why people call weight loss surgery “the easy way out.” There’s nothing easy about it. It is simply the first step in a long difficult journey filled with trials as well as triumphs.

So come on EJ Johnson, get in my chair! We need to get to work and make sure that when you look in the mirror you see the real you. Not the fat you. Not the fake you. Not the negative voices or words you’ve ever heard. Feeling genuinely good about the genuine you, never goes out of style.

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