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Bill Murray and Cat Allergies

Photo Courtesy of www.vulture.com

Photo Courtesy of www.vulture.com

Someone asked me once if allergies were psychosomatic. Meaning, are they all in your head? Of course they’re all in your head! That is where your brain is stored. The brain is the control center of the body. The brain controls the body’s reaction to an invader. However, that does NOT mean that when you are in contact with an allergen (known or unknown) that you are imagining things.

An allergic reaction to an allergen is the body’s automatic response to that allergen. It is not imaginary. This is why a little kid who eats say, a cookie that was prepared in a factory that uses the same equipment for all the flavors including the non peanut ones, will have a reaction that could even be so severe it can lead to death. He is not imagining there was peanut dust in his cookie. He did not even know it was there. But there he is, gasping for breath. Sfgate.com in its Daily Dish blog reports that Bill Murray used hypnosis to treat his cat allergy so that he could comfortably share scenes with a cat in his 2014 film “St Vincent.”

To clarify, he did not simply unimagine his allergies with hypnosis. What he likely did was, through the power of hypnosis, teach his body to tone down the response to cat dander. For many people with allergies, even anticipating an allergic reaction can hasten or worsen the reaction itself. So, I would guess that Bill Murray’s hypnosis also taught him to consciously and unconsciously forget to anticipate a problem.

Using the power of hypnosis to over come or tone down the body’s response to an allergen is a mind over matter equation.

There is no end to what you can do with hypnosis in the mind over matter arena.

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