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The Adopted Vanderpump

Photo Courtesy of www.realitytea.com

Photo Courtesy of www.realitytea.com

This week on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills we see that Lisa Vanderpump’s son, Max Todd, is experiencing…um, “failure to launch.”

He’s all grown up now and should be, after having been granted every advantage in life, thriving on his own. But that is not what is happening. Instead he is struggling. Actually, he has been struggling for a while now.  His parents moved him to Idaho to finish high school and stay out of trouble. After graduation he enrolled in music school but then dropped out.

Of course he did what any kid would do and that is go to mom and dad for a fresh cash infusion. Lisa hands over the dough but then expects him to earn it back. Good for her. Good for him.  It would be too easy to raise an entitled brat. Maybe she accidentally did. In any case, she is not going to let him get away with it. She delivers a dose of tough love and puts him to work in the family business. Now if Max is smart he can find an aspect of the business that appeals to him and go with that. But he will have to learn the restaurant business from the ground up. He needs to learn to bus tables, work in the kitchen, etc, etc. This is what will make him able to make a go of it after getting set up by his parents to do so. What he should really be doing is getting his butt back to school and take some business classes. But I digress. However, it would seem that at this point what Lisa has on her hands is a child experiencing “failure to launch.”

Max simply doesn’t want to leave the nest and join the grown up world. How enticing would it be to move out of the mansion where there is maid service, yard service, etc and live off of only what he can earn himself. It would be humbling that’s for sure. We can analyze Max’s actions and his personal history and come up with our own conclusions about why he’s experiencing this struggle. He may have self esteem issues as he has always known he was a foster care kid. He may be overwhelmed and intimidated at the thought of trying to succeed to the level that his parents did. He may simply lack self confidence or sense of self-worth that comes from knowing that his birth mother could not or would not keep him. Logic and reason can do away with lots of those things. But logic and reason to not live in the subconscious, that’s where our limitations live. So what can be done to cure “failure to launch?”

Use hypnosis of course! Through the power of hypnosis we access his subconscious where we would reassure his inner child that bringing a baby into the world is very complex and that his mother’s imperfections or limitations are not a reflection of his worth. We would rewrite the files in his subconscious to accept and embrace the challenge of making your own way in the world. In just a few sessions Max can feel ready to begin a robust journey into adulthood.

So come on, Max Todd get in my chair! Enjoy a spa day for your brain, heal the past, and begin your future. Hypnosis can turbocharge your motivation. Let’s get started, you’ll have a great time. I promise.

Your future looks quite bright to me.

About the author: Mona Jones is a Certified Hypnotherapist in Orange County California who helps clients around the world heal their past, gain  motivation, map out their future for more information about how help you visit www.acceleratedchangehypnosis.com