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Amal Clooney’s Elegance

Photo Courtesy of www.eonline.com

Photo Courtesy of www.eonline.com


Seriously? Are you kidding me? The web is abuzz with the criticism that Amal Clooney (wife of actor George Clooney, in case you just arrived on our planet) was “bored” at the Golden Globe Awards show this week. Really!? I Googled it and got 3,930,000 results. This is news? Lots of wives get bored at their husband’s work events. Lots of wives get bored when they have to sit in an auditorium for 3 to 4 hours. Why is this news?

I guess because George Clooney is so fabulous, why would any uber intelligent, stylish, accomplished, beautiful woman be bored by an awards show in an unairconditioned auditorium?

I saw the pictures. She didn’t look bored, she looked like a member of the audience. She was not rolling her eyes or shifting in her seat like a five year old. She was very polite and reserved.

Now, I assure you that the Lebanese born British beauty is nonplussed by all this negative attention. How do I know this? Because she has self confidence in spades. She is an extraordinary person unto herself. If she had never met George Clooney, her life as a lawyer, human rights activist, author and member of a number of United Nations commissions, would be just fine.

Quite frankly, her intelligence and beauty are a one-two punch that knocked George Clooney all the way to the altar.
I’ll go ahead and assume that she has a great sense of humor because anyone who spends time with George Clooney simply must.

So who needs hypnosis in this story? You do! After all, everyone could benefit from as much self-confidence as Amal Clooney possesses. How do we do this? Through the power of hypnosis we disable your self doubt. We neutralize the recurring negative thoughts that keep holding you back. We then change the way you feel and act in situations that normally felt uncomfortable. The result is looking and feeling better. Attracting more of what you want in this life. And generally, just feeling great. So many times in my practice I had seen people’s lives changed measurably and even dramatically as they gain self confidence for the first time in their life.

So come on reader, get in my chair!

You can be as confident as Amal Clooney. With that kind of confidence, anything is possible.

About the author: Mona Jones is a Certified Hypnotherapist in Orange County, California who helps clients around the world find their self worth, build self esteem, and decrease drama. For more information visit: www.acceleratedchangehypnosis.com