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Soap Star to Reality Star

Photo Courtesy of www.imdb.com

Photo Courtesy of www.imdb.com

They should call the show “Real Housewives of That’s So Sad.”

So often in the franchise, we see a story that’s not really the story but nonetheless is a sad story brewing. Take, for example, new addition to the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, soap actress Eileen Davidson and her husband, 70’s teen heartthrob, Vince Van Patten. They are constantly bickering. We rarely see them next to each other on camera so far. And most of the time when they’re talking, they are sniping. So sad.

When this happens there is a slow erosion of intimacy. What was once a hot romance between the two, has clearly cooled.
What can hypnosis do to help a couple whose hot romance has cooled? In the case of Eileen and Vince, they could probably use a one-two punch by combining traditional talk therapy with a marriage counselor (to learn how to communicate more effectively) and add hypnosis to facilitate the abandonment of past hurts, as well as, get in touch consciously and unconsciously with what was once so wonderful, attractive, and sexy about their partner.

Hypnosis can also be used to ease someone into traditional talk therapy. In other words, someone who “isn’t feeling it” (but sees the need for change and wants it), can be helped to feel more optimistic, gain a sense of hope, and be more flexible and open.

So come on Vince and Eileen, stop that bickering and get in my chair! One at a time and then a couples session. We can fix this. Things can be as hot as they once were.

About the author author: Mona Jones is a certified hypnotherapist in Orange County, California who uses hypnosis to help couples reignite their passion as well as helping singles to be more confident on the dating scene. For more information visit www.AcceleratedChangeHypnosis.com