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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Where To Go From Here?

Photo Cpurtesy of www.tmz.com

Photo Courtesy of www.tmz.com

It’s hard to imagine how horrifying it must be to literally hear your friend murder his love as you listen on the phone, helpless. Then your friend immediately kills himself and you are left knowing that right before that all went down, you were stoking the flames of rage in conversation, never thinking that outcome was even on the radar.

Boxing’s Floyd Mayweather Jr.,  doesn’t have to imagine it. He lived it when his friend, rapper Earl Hayes murdered his wife, VH1 star and pro touring back up dancer, Stephanie Moseley. A tragedy to be sure. What happens next for Floyd Mayweather? How does one go on? The answer is, we simply do. But after a tragedy that involves guilt and violence going on with your life becomes a life tainted by sorrow, guilt and even fear. But it doesn’t have to be.

Through hypnosis, someone who has experienced tremendous loss or has guilt (whether founded or not) can find relief. Using hypnotherapy, we are able to address grief, guilt and fear. We are able to reframe the incident and put it into proper perspective with balanced emotions. Thriving is more than surviving. It’s the difference between existing and living. Subsequent reports on gossip sites tsk-tsk Floyd Mayweather for smiling courtside at pro basketball games right after the loss. And while it does look strange on the outside, there are many, many, many people on this earth who walk around as though everything is normal on the outside but on the inside, everything is turmoil. Each of us knows what it is like to lie in bed at night and rehash what could have been. What should have been. We are haunted by our own “if only”. Hypnosis is a way to find relief.

So come on, Floyd Mayweather, get in my chair! You really can make peace with this loss, guilt, and that haunting voice inside your head.

About the author: Mona Jones is a Certified Hypnotherapist in Orange County, California who helps clients around the world find their self worth, build self esteem, decrease drama. For more information visit: www.acceleratedchangehypnosis.com