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Scott Disick…and the Kardashian…

Photo Courtesy of www.pagesix.com

Photo Courtesy of www.pagesix.com

Scott Disick is sick. He is sick and tired. He is sick of everything. And for far too long now he has been relying on Dr. Cuervo to make himself feel better. But, it would seem that he is ready for change…again. And again. Like many addicts he is stuck in a loop of wanting to change his life and ending up back at the starting block again. On this week’s episode of Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons we see that Scott has not only entered rehab but left the six-day program a day early. Now I’ve never been to the ‘hab but I am unaware of an addiction treatment program that lasts only a week. But hey, this is television and/or well… sorry… but addicts are liars. But, I digress.

Scott comes home to Kourtney and they have a discussion about not wanting to end up back at the same starting block they always seem to; falling into the same destructive patterns of the past. Scott takes himself to an AA meeting where he finds community with others who are recovering. In 12-Stepping he will get in touch with his demons. But 12-Stepping alone will not put those demons to rest. That is why their credo is “one day at a time” because every day those demons must be fought. Everyday they must be held at bay. Unless of course, you get yourself into hypnotherapy– then it’s a whole ‘nother ballgame.

Through hypnotherapy Scott would get to the root of the matter. He would find who or what created those demons, disable them and end the cycle once and for all. I will not say it is easy. I will not say it is done in one day. But I will say it is powerfully effective and is the difference between “one day at a time” and moving forward in new life with with peace, far less effort and no white knuckling. It is a way to plan for a future without relapse.

In the show Kourtney asks Scott if he feels like wanting a drink. He answers you will always want to drink. That is, of course, also part of the credo of AA. Through hypnosis that desire can be disabled for life.

So come on, Scott Disick getting my chair! If you want something you’ve never had before you have to do something you’ve never DONE before. You’ve already survived the hardest part – deciding on your own that enough is enough. You are detoxed and ready for a new life. Make your appointment today. Your children deserve a healthy happy father; someone to be proud of. Your new life can begin now.

About the author: Mona Jones is a Certified Hypnotherapist in Orange County, California who helps clients around the world find their self worth, build self esteem, decrease drama. For more information visit: www.acceleratedchangehypnosis.com