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Bill Cosby, Stephen Collins, A Supermodel…Who’s Next?

Photo Courtesy of www.NYDailynews.com

Photo Courtesy of www.NYDailynews.com

What? Another all-American, loving, nurturing, TV dad turns out to be a real life sexual predator?!?! I guess that’s why they call it acting. If new media accounts of the predatory actions of Bill Cosby are to be believed, he joins actor Stephen Collins as the latest high-profile TV father figure to disappoint and dismay the rest of us with criminal actions. For their victims, it is so much more than disappointment and dismay.

Maybe Bill and Steve can be roommates – in a prison cell.

Like many victims of sexual abuse, the majority of Bill Cosby’s alleged victims kept his actions a secret. A toxic secret. It’s so interesting how emotions like shame and fear and guilt can cause a victim to keep quiet. It is ironic, since there is no cause for shame or guilt on the part of the victim. And yet, this is a common, common occurrence.

Hypnotherapy is a multidimensional approach to helping sexual abuse survivors release the toxic energy of secrets, heal the wounds of the soul and reclaim peace. Granted, for abuse survivors,  it’s not a journey completed in a day but one worth undertaking. Layer by layer we resolve and rebuild so that the body, mind and spirit can make the journey from surviving to THRIVING.

So, who’s first? Janice Dickinson, get in my chair!! You seem fine on the outside, but not at peace on the inside. Make an appointment today and reclaim what was taken that fateful day.

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