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Catholics and Synod In The Family

Photo Courtesy of www.nypost.com

Photo Courtesy of www.nypost.com

This month the Catholic church hosted the “Extraordinary Synod on the Family.” The Pope and Bishops gathered to craft a statement on the church’s position on issues such as cohabitation, divorce and homosexuality. In a bold move the Pope released an early draft of the statement called a “relatio.” Which painted the church as now more open and accepting of gay people; welcoming and excepting them into the fold.

Then there was the hasty retract. The first draft ignited, or perhaps it is more accurate to say it revealed, great division among church leaders.

The final statement when issued, was closer to the churches traditional views and rewrote or eliminated much of the welcoming language from the first draft.

One thing remains. If you know Jesus, He’s all about love. Just love. Love for yourself. Love for each other. Although, He was specific about many things in the way of righteous living, while He walked this earth, His mercy was great. His closest friends had issues; big ones and still He loved them.

Next year, when the church reconvenes to re-look at this part of our present and our future, I hope we will find a more inclusive and progressive church. It was probably too much to hope for that they would be more welcoming and compassionate than public government and terms of gay rights and gay issues.

For many people in the LGBTQI community, finding acceptance has yet to come from within. That is to say, they have not found that self-love. They are looking for external validation; external proof of their gifts, worth, place in this world.
Hypnosis is an amazing tool for self acceptance. It can neutralize all the hurtful remarks and experiences a person has endured in their lifetime. We then build that self-worth, that self-love from within. The hypnosis client is able to go forward in life with a greater sense of self. And that all-important self-love is the new foundation on which to live their life.

So come on LGBTQI friends, get in my chair! You are valuable and worthy. It’s time your subconscious knew it too.

About the author: Mona Jones is a certified Hypnotherapist in Orange County California who is certified in transgender hypnosis and LGBT issues. For more information visit www.acceleratedchangehypnosis.com