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Ebola Schmola

Photo Courtesy of www.npr.org

Photo Courtesy of www.npr.org

“Don’t play with your gum, you’ll get Polio. “

“Ew! Leave that on the ground, you’ll get Polio.”

These and other dire warnings against the dreaded Polio were the fright of my childhood. Though Polio was already a rarity by then, Baby Boomers heard these warnings and I don’t remember why, but summer was something that played into these warnings.

AIDS, SARS, H1N1, and now Ebola–it’s enough to make you want to live in a cave!

Most of us can self regulate our fears and remember not to play with our gum ;-)   But there are also those whose fears of germs and illness that are ignited and run rampant when the news is filled with worrisome headlines of death and viral contagion.
These fears at best are disruptive and exhausting. At worst, debilitating. What is the “antidote” to fears run wild? Hypnosis of course! Through hypnosis, the chronic worrier can shut down the worry machine and find peace.

For the worrier, trying to “not think about it” usually makes it worse and applying logic and reason are useless. This is because the problem is like a glitch in the subconscious similar to a scratch on a DVD or a corrupted file on a computer. Hypnosis quarantines the glitch; and with the  conscious and subconscious aligned, we have lasting peace and forward motion.

So come on Ebola – phobes and general worrywarts, get in my chair! When we change the way we think, we change the way we live. Start living!

About the author: Mona Jones is a Certified Hypnotherapist in Southern California who helps clients around the world let go of worry and fears, reduce stress and align their conscious and subconscious mind. For more information visit www.Acceleratedchangehypnosis.com and www.hypnosisforkidsandteens.com